Santa Photography

Are you ready for your family Santa Happy Snaps?
Santa will be in centre getting photos with everyone over the Christmas period. 
Plus, every visiting kid receives a free gift, how rad is that?

Click HERE to skip the queue and book online.

Located on Level 1 outside Target. Check out our Santa times below:

Saturday 24 November 10.30am-5pm
Sunday 25 November 9am-4pm
Monday 26 November  10am-5pm
Tuesday 27 November 10am-4pm
Wednesday 28 November 10am-5pm
Thursday 29 November 10am-6pm
Friday 30 November 10am-6pm
Saturday 1 December 9am-5pm
Sunday 2 December 10am-5pm
Monday 3 December 10am-5pm
Tuesday 4 December 10am-4pm
Wednesday 5 December 10am-5pm
Thursday 6 December 10am-6pm
Friday 7 December 10am-6pm
Saturday 8 December 9am-5pm
Sunday 9 December 10am-5pm
Monday 10 December 10am-5pm
Tuesday 11 December 10am-4pm
Wednesday 12 December 10am-5pm
Thursday 13 December 10am-8pm
Friday 14 December 10am-8pm
Saturday 15 December 9am-6pm
Sunday 16 December 9am-6pm
Monday 17 December 9am-6pm
Tuesday 18 December 9am-6pm
Wednesday 19 December 9am-6pm
Thursday 20 December 9am-8pm
Friday 21 December 9am-8pm
Saturday 22 December 9am-6pm
Sunday 23 December 9am-6pm
Monday 24 December 9am-6pm