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22 Jul - 28 Jul
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For thirty years Polish-born Roman Dyduk ran restaurants, and one dish always topped the menu, schnitzels. So, in 2007 Roman opened a restaurant entirely devoted to his signature dish, Schnitz.

But what made Roman’s schnitzels so popular?

Long before the doors open, our team are in slicing, dicing and sauteing. Yep, we prep all our raw ingredients in store, by hand, every day. It takes time, but it’s the only way to guarantee freshness. As for schnitzels, we don’t make a single schnitzel… until you order one.

Schnitzels should never be pre-made and definitely not processed. Real schnitzels are made fresh, to order - hand dipped in egg wash, coated in crumbs and pan cooked until golden brown. That's the traditional way. That’s the Schnitz way.